Dayton Tree Removal

Lot clearing, letting more light in to your home, or removal of dead, dying or dangerous trees.

Tree Removal in Dayton, Ohio

Trees can symbolise many things for people, and they can often hold quite a lot of sentimental value. Much like in the classic children’s book “The Giving Tree”, trees can almost be like an old friend from childhood, one that provided you shade and grew with you through the years.
Even though we make our best efforts to preserve our symbolic friends, whether because of risk factor, bad location, or poor condition of the tree it often becomes necessary to remove them. Other times, such as in lot clearing, tree removal is the only real option available to make way for new construction or even younger more exotic tree varieties.

Some jobs can be quite routine for us, while others may be more complex, but regardless of the difficulty you can rely on us to get the job done. For example, you may be clearing area to build a new home or infrastructure and all you will need is some tree removal and stump grinding work. If you want to save some trees, improve their health or give them a fresh look to increase property value, we can also can trim trees and offer deadwooding services to remove dead wood and branches.  

Tree maintenance is quite important, as if you hold off too long and fail to take care of them you may no longer have the option to save them and inevitably have to remove the trees anyway, ones you may have wished to keep. Tree removal after your project has been completed might actually cost more after your house is compete, which means that you must plan carefully in figuring which trees you would like to keep. Be aware that trees have roots that are sensitive, especially when digging trenches or compacting the ground. Planning for a tree’s survival will help make your project even more of a success.

When Should I Remove a Tree?

  1. If it’s roots or stem are decaying.
  2. If there are splits, hollows, cracks or decaying bark.
  3. There is too much deadwood or other signs of deterioration.
  4. Interference with your home or other structure.
  5. Hazardous conditions due to storm damage.
  6. Insects and pests, or location.

As soon as you’ve decided that it is necessary to remove your tree you can rest assure that we’ll be there to help with the tree remove safely and effectively. Below is some basic information on the tree removal process, as well as options that may help when budgeting for removal.

Our Dayton tree removal services include clean up and picking up of limbs, leaves and grindings. We always take upmost care when removing any tree and take great effort to rope it effectively and process it in a way to avoid any possible damage during removal. As obviously if proper expert care isn’t taken, it might can cause permanent damage to your property.

We’ll slowly remove and lower limbs using ropes to minimize impact on your lawn or landscape, with smaller limbs usually being removed with pruner poles. The wood left over from your trees can be removed, or kept to be used as firewood if you prefer. Large pieces of trunk will be removed by hand and loaded into our truck to be taken away, and any debris will be raked and blown away using our backpack leaf blower.

Once the tree has been removed, the stump that is left can be removed as well. Normally, we rake the grindings into the hole that is left and leave on site to be used compost, but those can be removed as well on request. Which we’ll again rake and use the blower to remove as much of the remaining pieces as possible.                       

If you decide to have a down only removal, we take the tree down in the least amount of pieces possible, and sometimes, if it can be safely done, drop it down whole. Once on the ground we can either piece it and haul away, or stop there and leave it if you’d prefer to do the rest yourself. For those that enjoy the work this can be a great value option for your budget.

Sounds Great, How Do We Start?

We can start by scheduling a time for us to come out and give you a free no obligations estimate and go from there, so give us a call today at (937) 684-6056. We look forward to seeing you!